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Unlike other SMM that claim to have "real human" comments. We actually have real humans. 

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Our commentd are amazing prices and affordable. 

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Our comments are from real humans who give comments whenever they want. But with thousands of influencers, your comments will be coming fast. 

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Top 5 Most Asked Questions 

We gathered 5 of the most asked questions from our panel visitors and replied to them.

We focus on Instagram and Tiktok comments only (for now)

We have thousands of influencers who want to give comments on their free times.

To prevent spam comments, we have you write your own comments just as you like.

Unlike other panels that claim to have real humans, we actually do so there's zero risk.

We do not have it because you have to write your comments. How will you do drip-feed if you don't come back to write new comments?